Triax TDX

TRIAX Black Edition is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector. Our solutions fully support both hotel upgrades and new builds.

Improve guest engagement and maximise revenues We believe in flexible and simple hospita

lity solutions which
use the latest web technologies to offer guests a ‘just-likehome’ experience during their stay. We

provide hotels with

a unique platform to deliver superior concierge services through a simple interface for use on smartphones, tablets,
laptops and TV’s to drive engagement and revenue. That is why a TRIAX Hospitality Solution enables you to
improve hotel experience and maximize your business.

TDX  Features:

Easy to install due to hybrid modular design. Simple to configure and operate via new HTML5 GUI, 3. 50% reduced noise level, Strong and flexible hospitality concept helping you to create competitive solutions and increase business opportunities for your customer Upscaling prospects enabling you to match future customer demands and create additional revenue High quality, reliable performance and ease of use creating more goodwill and loyalty, which opens opportunity to repeat business and increase revenue

All TRIAX headend solutions offer plug-&-play installations, hot-swap and remote access – reducing configuration,
installation and service time TDX Black Edition supports the newest technologies and industry standards, and can easily be re-configured and adapted to new location and installation requirements


EN-BlackEdition PDF Datasheet